About Artesà


The company Artesà Sistemes born in 2008 of the need to create a machine able to engrave designs emulating the manual engravings. There are many engraving machines on the market, but there was not anything able to imitate the hand engraving.


The company has participated in several exhibitions and has been made known through the network, with a resounding success in all its presentations. There is a model available in our facilities in order to provide an innovative customer service allowing you to control the machine remotely without any cost or obligation.


Although it is a new company, already has recognitions, prizes and patents. Now, Artesa is waiting to meet new challenges to grow with the market requirements and to be a benchmark in the world of the engraving.



Spanish Patent No. P200500596
U.S. Patent No. US7, 854.068 B2
Canadian Patent No. 2,601,055
European Patent No. 06743404.3
and other patents pending worldwide.


New article about us. March 10, 2014
The Artesà ASX321 machine featured in The Engravers Journal magazine into the page 18.

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Silver medal. April 14, 2008
“36th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products of Geneva”

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PDF Catalog. March 25, 2008
You can download the latest brochure of Artesa ASX321 in PDF.


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