This machine is an innovative computerized engraving machine (numeric controlled engraving machine), specially developed to engrave different objects such as jewels, watch dials and parts, guns, knives, panels, metal pieces and many other flat materials. Its large working capacity with a T-slotted table allow ASX321 to work on those and more.
ASX321 is able to reproduce the most similar "hand made effect" ever cut by a machine.

In detail

This patented technology allows engraving on unique pieces as well as production runs, with a superior degree of quality and distinction. ASX321 reproduces an incredible amount of detail combined with production speed. Control depth progression, full depth and obtain a "bright cut effect" as hand engraving does.

Added value

A great added value on this machine is that it also can be configured as a rotary engraving machine, as an accurate CNC Milling machine for all kind of pieces and to be used for rapid prototyping - 3D modeling.
Achieve optimal performance and productivity at stone setting pre-drilling on flat surfaces. ASX321's high quality elements and precise construction locates this unit as a standard in quality manufacturing plants and special items workshops.




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